Free Trip Giveaway

Wanna win a free trip? It’s going to happen for somebody! Just follow three easy steps:


Copy this code: 343358


Using your code, REGISTER HERE


Curate and post your dream trip* (see details below)

You’re entered!

You can also use your new profile to get big discounts (up to 35%!) on all things travel: flights, cruises, hotels, spas, resorts, rental cars, and much more.

*Details for curating your trip:

  • Log in to your newly made profile and find the trip you’d love to win.
  • Make a post on your Facebook account (and across multiple accounts to drive more traffic to your FB post, if you want) to show off your dream trip. Add posts on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, wherever you have friends and followers, and tell them to go like your post on Facebook! FB post must include #buumertravel, and tags to Buumer’s Facebook as well. 
  • Make sure you don’t include any brand names in your post, like particular hotels, cruise lines, etc. — keep it generic for the contest’s sake! 
  • Show off how much money you would save with the Buumer discount in your post!
  • SHARE SHARE SHARE! You want to get as many likes as possible!

Whoever gets the most likes on a single Facebook post by Thanksgiving (November 28) will actually WIN the trip* that they planned!!!

Be sure you follow all the rules, tag Buumer in everything, and share with all of your friends and followers to get those likes!! 

This is sooooo exciting, and we cannot WAIT to see where the winner goes!

Oh, and? The winner will also be named the official Buumer Spokesperson for 2020! The winner will get to enjoy the trip of their dreams for one, all expenses paid! The winner will post while on their trip, win shoutouts from Buumer’s social medias, and even do an Instagram and Facebook takeover for Buumer during the trip!

*Free trip includes up to $750 max cost, including all fees and taxes. Trip can include combination of air fare and lodging through the Buumer site, as well as multiple people, as long as the total cost is equal to or less than $750, including all fees and taxes.

Participants are required to send a link to the post they wish to be entered to contest officials at [email protected], with a like total included for verification. Email with “like total” and a link to the post must be sent by midnight, Nov. 28, 2019.

Participants may post as many times as they want, on as many social platforms as they want, but only 1 single Facebook post will be considered for contest.